Sunday, February 26, 2012

the betrothal..


well, my engagement was not a grand and luxury ceremony..  there were no mini pelamin, HB, OP, MUA, etc.. it was just a simple, casual and homely ceremony.. but i love every moment of that day since it was purely for family members..

my attire for that day? just a plain jubah bought at first lady and i just wore tudung bawal.. but i did rent a veil from a boutique..=)
my hantarans were done by my lovely mom since i stay at penang.. we just recycled my sister's kotak hantaran but improvised a little on them.. teheehee.. \(^_^)/

so, can't u see that my engagement was so simple?

the details..

attire - first lady
veil - rent from a boutique (my sister's friend)
mini pelamin - no
hand bouquet - no
OP - no ( just captured by my friend)
MUA - no (just a little touch by my sis in law)
foods - my family member: sisters, mak sedara
hantaran - my lovely mom (ps i love u)    =)

hugging his mom..she's so nice.. =)

until we meet again.. sobsss..


  1. Congratulations! Simple takpe asalkan kenangan tu boleh dibawa mati :P

  2. simple tkpe yg penting semua selamat.tahniah.

  3. eesyheera: ye kenangan tu manis.. asyik senyum je hari tu.. =)

    zoey: auw..cik zoey MUA.. nnt leh risik2 mekap kawin..hihikss.. *wink

  4. iskk iskk..sayunya bila famili tinggalkan kita.. :(

    dah follow dan link awak si pinky.. :D



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