Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new year..new adventure


hikhik..dah azali memang pemalas nak update, lepas kawin lagi la malasss..alhamdulillah selamat dinikahkan oleh ayahnda tecinta on 15 november 2012. syukur.. sekarang ni tak tahulah rasa nak bermalas malasan je..mentang2 la duk rumah makan-tido-makan-tido jek.. heaven la sekejap suami cuti sekolah.. ni suami dah start masuk sekolah, baru la diri ini menggagau nak buat ape..

1st of all.. soalan top untuk newlyweds adalah "best tak kahwin?" even sy sendiri selalu ajukan soalan tu kat kawan2 yang baru kahwin without any intention or watsoever.. just a cliche question that seems a compulsory to ask.. and of coz they replied with a grin showing that its a happiness that money can't buy.. - kawin dulu baru tau- so when they ask me the same question, sy pun terfikir.. and me too speechless.. i dont know how to describe that feeling.. just be thankful that Allah swt have given me such a wonderful husband.

cakap pasal new year, kalau buka FB penuh la wall tu dengan kenangan 2012, azam dan impian baru untuk 2013.. for me, nothing much to ask..just wanna have a blissful life..and of course being blessed throughout the year.. impian duniawi tu adalah jugak sikit2 macam nak keja (of coz), nak beli kereta (imagine guys, i dun even have my own car yet!), nak masuk rumah baru (of coz suami yg beli =p), nak zuriat (amin..)

today is 1.1.13.. i know that 2013 would give me one more adventure journey as the beginning of new life as a married couple.. yeah.. got to be ready for ups and downs throughout this amazing year.. insya'Allah everything will be great..! =)

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