Wednesday, October 19, 2011

maxi skirt anyone?


enuff with the sorrow.. now i begin to get back on track y'all.. feel great to have that kind of experience..  ok, enuff is enuff..

well i know you guys know maxi skirt/dress more than i do.. and i search for this so-called modest attire for muslimah like forever.. err, of course it takes like for eternity for me since i kinda a cheapskate person..senang cakap kedekut.. ahahahahh! well i laugh at myself..booo..! T_T

i did look for it everywhere but none meet my expectation.and again it's due to my lame expectation (frankly).. i expect it to be gorgeous yet sold at reasonable price..(err, i must say CHEAP).. well walaupun kedekut, i managed to buy several maxi skirts. i think i bought 3 pcs, and not really wear them. 1- too tight for me.. showing the shape of my butt.. and hips.. and i look insanely hideous! too sexay i reckon.. (please faint!!!) =p .. end up sold it to my housemate at 1/2 price since it's still new and never worn.. 2- it was purple in colour and cotton.. hardly to match with tops and a bit sheer..must wear with petticoat.. but now, i just wear it at home.. 3-just bought a couple week ago.. worn once outside.. it's nice and comfy.. but it's blue black and i can hardly match with any available tops.. (is this means that i need several new tops??) LOL..

but what i want to post here is not me mumbling insanely.. its rather a bunch of maxi skirt pics that i got from "uncle GOOGLE".. nothing, just to share these pics with u guys.. hope u drooling with me.. =)

perhaps u found nothing is amazing here.. maybe i am outdated.. pfffttttttt....

wasalam.. =)

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