Thursday, October 20, 2011

old bestfriend..


have u been in this situation.. once u used to have a very best friend on earth.. u share everything with her, u do everything with her.. (mandi pun sama..haha).. but then when u guys get older, everything seems different.. u are no longer share the same interest or the same passion.. time after time u and her are getting away.. now u and her seem like totally strangers..okay, i admit this is about me.. T__T

but 1 day, she requested to be ur friend on facebook.. what would u do?

nahhh.. u maybe do not have any problem to approve right.. but i'm not that kind of person who likes to approve easily.. i don't know, even he/she might be someone that i know, i still feel that i don't want to approve the request.. BAD BAD BAD person.. it's not that i'm a swanky or cocky person, it's just that i don't know.. sigh......

and now i am still thinking about the friend request.. should i or should not i approve it.. ayayaya.. think again, it's not a big matter but.. sigh.. again...

i should approve her perhaps.. she left me a message after all..  BAD BAD BAD me..... pffftt!

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