Saturday, March 31, 2012

here we go..the colours..


finally.. we've decided the wedding colour themes for all events.. luckily my fmil bought us white lace and satin for our solemnization (included in hantaran tunang).. alhamdulillah.. otherwise, i would rather go crazy thinking what colour should i choose for the sollemnization.. phewww! okey, set! SOLEMNIZATION - WHITE

next is the reception at my place..actually,  i went to Jakel in march if im not mistaken purposely to accompany my mother but then the good news from the sales asst there just made my day.. so i was waiting for the big sale from Jakel and luckily was able to grab something with unintended.. yeah really.. i wasn't planning to buy it in an instant like that without much thinking and hesitation.. well, actually i was just looking around and checking the price, then came this gentleman to entertain me.. he suggested me some colours and gave some comments and eventually he got me.. i told him i didnt bring adequate cash (refused to buy, need to think again) but he suggested me to use my atm bank card.. pheww.. pandai diaaaa hasut..huhu.. then i thought if this chiffon wouldn't be my wedding dress, then i still can use it as baju raya or so whatever.. alang-alang murah kan..tak rugi nak beli.. =) then, influenced by his persuasion, i got home with a peach embroidered chiffon with lining.. anyway i am quite satisfied with the quick decision that i rarely made..  so simple isn't it, reception with just embroidered chiffon? =) okay, set! RECEPTION - PEACH

2nd reception.. he asked for purple.. we're going to rent so, set! PURPLE..

ok..till then.. =)

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