Monday, November 22, 2010

Product review #1: Eucerin Balancing Toner


okay since i was rambling about reviewing some products that i have been using in previous entry, now here is the 1st review...

Eucerin Balancing Toner

What it claims..

My experience:

what i like

I can feel that my face is clean and clear after each application. just use the cotton pad and wipe upwards. Okay, after some times neglecting the proper regime for my face (due to my bad habit which is of course LAZY), i found that this toner did its job perfectly. why? it was shown by the cotton pad.. ^_^
Oh not to forget,  i even used it on my neck and feet. hey, of course its the same cotton pad. after wiping my face, i use the same pad to wipe my neck and feet.. clever isn't it? haha..  i'm not gonna waste my toner for my feet!

what i don't like

there is no improvement. my skin is just like before. but i am more than glad that my skin didn't breakout. yes, i live with this sensitive skin.

in a nutshell, maybe i was wrong, this toner ain't for whitening or whatsoever. its just to clear and refresh the skin! well, if that the case, this is a GOOD toner..

Yes if your intention is just to clear your skin. it really makes your skin feel clean.

I rate (1-10):


  1. besh yerk?
    packing dia xmenarik.haha..
    skrg tgh guna loreal toner..kalo abes myb try la ni

  2. not bad lah.. lepas cuci muka tu wipe ngan kapas muka boleh nampak kesan kotor kat kapas muka tu.. yang tu yang i like tu.. even da cuci muka pun act ad lagi kotoran kat toner ni boleh wipeoutkan ia.. hehe



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