Monday, December 20, 2010

simple but full of obstacles


dua tiga menjak ni, hati sangat sedih, sayu, gundah gulana.. i really worry bout my study.. i run out of time, the date is coming so fast. i need to rush whatever that left undone. sometimes i feel like want to give up. i don't want to do this anymore. i am failed! i am not belong here. but then...  i know, what i am dealing with today is due to what i have done in the past. i neglected many things. yes, many things were neglected. so now, the burdens i am carrying today are getting heavier.. thanks to myself for this.

as the time flies by,(and of coz the time is REALLY running out), i know i cannot simply blame all these and keep grieving for myself. i need to make a change! i need to change myself to be a better person. by that, i mean a better person in all aspects. then, i would be success. insya'Allah..

i need to work harder than before. i need to be optimistic. i need to motivating myself. (i rather change 'need' to 'MUST!!') T__T

what i've learned, there are two secrets to motivating urself, u'll ever need.

1) make things enjoyable
2) use positive public pressure

most of all, try to see ur problems (hard times) optimistically, positively and a challenge that need to be challenged!

and now i hope that i'll never be heartless doing what i am doing right now. i am not gonna give up just yet! i want to make everybody that i love proud of me. i will keep looking for a brighter future. i want to be somebody. at least somebody to somebody. heee~~

i love this picture of working mother. ^__^

this is my resolution. simple but full of obstacles that need to be circumvented and surmounted!

*hard times keep u closer to God... ^__^




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