Monday, October 18, 2010

way too cute!!!


hola.. bonjour! si si.. err, nak cakap spanish tapi tak reti.. nan hado jah..

ok, how old are you? is it a weird thing if someone at 20s (err, i mean like 24, 25) loves teddy bears.. oh, they are so so so cute, adorable, not to mention huggable!  so true~ yes i do love hugging them, i mean a lot..  but sorry,not while sleeping.. i will kick them away.. (such a good manner there.. haha)  i used to buy a teddy bear about 3 years ago, and it was my first time to have my own teddy bear.. pathetic enough? when i was a child, my mom didnt encourage me to own something like that.. 

so i bought it at only RM40, during convocation expo..  i was happy was my 1st teddy bear after all,and i named it ROY. my oh my... such a funny story how that name came out..

and  then my 21st birthday, my "friend" gave me a pink teddy bear.. it was cute, but i expect something more mature.. but again, its okay.. now, there are also doraemon from my cousin, sin chan from my ex-room mate, garfield too.. so where are they now?? either me have no idea.. haha.. luckily, i didnt get teddy bear for my birthday last year.. i got a watch and i love it so much! hmm, not that im not appreciating those teddy bears, its just i dont want the possibility to ignore and neglect them anymore.

ok2 do take a look at these.. they are so cute!!

it is a thumb drive! so cute isn't it?

no kepala.. so kesian.. huhu..

do you want to see loving couple??

i love this very much.. ^__^

ah, comel!

okay, yang ni bawah umur pergi main jauh2!! syuh!



  1. cantek teddy bear die..nak satu leh?? hehehe

  2. boleh.. sila beli sendiri ok.. hehe..

  3. nanti lawati blog sy



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